Rules for Submission of the
Thesis / Dissertation by Candidates for "Diplomate of NB"
1. Thesis/Dissertation protocol should be submitted to the office of the NB through the head of the institution within two months of registration of the candidates in Medical College/University/NBE accredited institutions.

2. Candidates registered for a diploma course and are desirous of taking NBE examination in speciality can write their thesis/dissertation in their second year of their training period and submit to NBE by the end of second year of training but the protocol must be submitted within two months,

3. The guide for these candidates can guide one MD/MS candidate and one University Diploma candidate desirous of taking the Diplomate of National Board  of Examinations or one direct NBE candidate.Total number of candidates should be two including all sources(one for degree and one from diploma from all sources).

4. Guide will be recognised PG Teacher in Medical College or university or NBE accredited institutions. The teacher shall be having the experience of 5 years in the speciality after the post graduate degree.

5. Candidates who will be appearing in the subject under the heading ‘Super Speciality’ (like Cardiology and Cardiothoracic surgeryetc)need not write their thesis/dissertation if they have already written their thesis during their MD/MS/NBE examinations. However they have to submit a proof in support of their having written thesis during their MD/MS examination.

6. If the candidates appearing in the broad specialities have already written their thesis in the MD/MS examination,they need not submit the thesis/dissertation. However they are required to submit a copy of the letter of acceptance of the thesis by the University.

7. If the thesis / dissertation is rejected, the examiner will return the thesis / dissertation to the office with his suggestions in writing for improvement, the result of such candidates will be kept pending till thesis and dissertation is modified accordingly.

8. If any unethical practice is detected in the work of the thesis, the same is liable to be rejected. Such a candidate is also liable to face disciplinary action as may be decided by the Board.

9. Fees to be remitted by the candidate for thesis is Rs. 1500/- in addition to usual fees.